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About institute

July 1, 2016 started Tomsk National Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Tomsk Institute of Oncology order from 01.07.2016 №72-P "On the completion of the reorganization proceedings").

The country's largest National Research Medical Center (Tomsk Nimtz) is an initiative of Fano Russia with the support of the administration of the Tomsk region on the basis of Tomsk Institute of Oncology by acceding to 5 Tomsk academic institutions, medical profile (Institute of Cardiology, Mental Health Research Institute, Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine name ED Goldberg, Institute of medical genetics, Research Institute of Obstetrics and gynecology) and Tyumen Cardiology.

In modern conditions the system unification academic research capacity in a single center. It is strategically important and will allow to respond to contemporary challenges through the implementation of a multidisciplinary approach to the creation of new infrastructures for the sustainable dynamic development of fundamental and applied science and solution of socially significant health problems.

The leaders of scientific directions developed at the Center are leading Russian scientists have received recognition in their respective fields of expertise not only in Russia, but also at the international level. Many years of successful research, clinical, educational activities of institutions aimed at addressing research priorities and special assistance a large part of the territory of the Russian population from the Urals to Sakhalin for more than 30 years, reasonably define their role as parent institutions with relevant expertise in the east.

Tomsk Nimtz holds the Russian leadership on a range of scientific areas, has recognized scientific schools and different projects of fundamental competitiveness (competitive projects of the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and others). Availability of necessary competences makes it possible to conduct fundamental research on a wide range of problems of modern medicine; implementation of inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary scientific works that integrate this knowledge with the methods and approaches of other fields of science; conducting targeted basic research to establish a scientific groundwork of new technologies.

The ability to create innovative products for health care is provided by long-term close collaboration Tomsk Nimtz with leading scientists and designers of technical profile, having extensive experience in the development and implementation of new technological solutions for medicine.

The presence of large specialized equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment clinics with highly professional specialists allows translation of innovative research advances into clinical practice.

Director of the Federal State budget scientific institution "Tomsk National Research Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences' appointed doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician Yevgeny Choinzonov (Order from Russia Fano g.№425 June 30, 2016 n / a).