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Research projects

Ethnospecific mutations associated with breast cancer

Breast cancer invasion: molecular markers, genetic and transcriptome landscape

Lung cancer metastasis and relapse: genotypic determinants and mutation landscape

Genetic and transcriptional heterogeneity of circulating breast cancer cells: tumorigenic and metastatic phenotype

Phenotypic features of tumor-associated macrophages in tumor progression and chemotherapy

Genomic landscape of bronchial epithelium at different stages of carcinogenesis

Heterogeneity of immuno-inflammatory reactions in carcinoma microenvironment as the basis for understanding various tumor-stroma interactions that contribute to tumor progression

Search for the new genetic and epigenetic markers to predict the efficacy of chemotherapy and cancer outcome

Development of SPECT methods for the diagnosis of malignant tumors with tumorotropic radiopharmaceuticals

Development of methods for identifying “sentinel” lymph nodes in malignant tumors

Development of new radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors