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Vladimir A. Shitov

Vladimir A. Shitov

Laboratory researcher in the Laboratory of genomics of orphan diseases of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center

Brief Biography

Vladimir was born in 1998 in Oskemen, Kazakhstan. Since 2016, he is a student of Biomedical Department of SSMU. In 2019, Vladimir had an internship at the Bioinformatics Institute (A*STAR, Singapore) under the supervision of Birgit Eisenhaber and Frank Eisenhaber. In summer 2020, Vladimir was an intern at the computational chemistry department of Biocad, a biotechnology company. Since autumn 2020, he works as a research laboratory assistant at the laboratory of orphan diseases in Research Institute of Medical Genetics of Tomsk NRMC.

Research interests

Single-Cell RNA sequencing data analysis, Metagenomics, Evolutionary Biology, Mathematical methods in Biology, Data Analysis and Machine Learning


1. Eisenhaber, B., Sinha, S., Jadalanki, C.K. et al. Conserved sequence motifs in human TMTC1, TMTC2, TMTC3, and TMTC4, new O-mannosyltransferases from the GT-C/PMT clan, are rationalized as ligand binding sites. Biol Direct 16, 4 (2021).

2. Kobyakova, Olga & Deev, I. & Kulikov, E.S. & Fajzulina, Nailja & Pimenov, Igor & Starovoytova, E.A. & Zyrianov, S.V. & Shitov, V.A. & Abramov, V.K. & Balaganskaya, M.A. & Zagromova, T.A.. (2019). PREVALENCE OF RISK FACTORS OF CHRONIC NON-INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS OF TOMSK TOWN. Siberian Medical Review. 17-24. 10.20333/2500136-2019-1-17-24.