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Tatyana G. Razina

Tatyana G. Razina

Tatyana G. Razina , doctor of biological sciences, senior researcher of the laboratory of onkofarmakologу Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine, Tomsk NRMC

Contact details

Phone: 8 (3822) 41-77-47

Brief Biography

Tatiana Georgievna in 1978 graduated from the Faculty of biology and soil of Tomsk State University. V.V. Kuibyshev, qualification «Biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry». In 1989, was adopted in the laboratory of experimental chemotherapy of the Siberian branch of the all-Union oncological scientific center of ACADEMY MEDICAL SCIENCES USSR, in 1985 as part of the laboratory transferred to the Siberian branch of the Institute of Pharmacology. In 1988 year defended her thesis on "Skutellaria Baikalensis as corrector of cytostatic chemotherapy tumor" and got the degree of candidate of biological sciences and the academic title of senior scientific officer. Her doctoral thesis "Phytomedicines and biologically active substances of medicinal plants in the treatment of malignant tumor" was defended in 2006 year.
Tatiana Georgievna published over 240 papers, obtained 11 patents of the Russian Federation; she has co-authored 2 methodological documents MINISTRY OF HEALTH of the USSR and 3 monographs, 1 certificate of the trademark. Under the guidance of T.G. Razina 2 PhD theses (Safonova E.A., Rybalkina O.Yu. were created.) were reserved.

Research Interests

Of basic scientific research related to study the use of funds of natural origin and extracted from them biologically active substances (BAS) in treatment of malignant tumors for improving efficiency and reducing toxic manifestations of cytostatic drugs. To explore the mechanisms of action and the role of BAS effects herbal medicine.

Achievements, awards, and grants

Tatyana Georgievna for result work, for contribution in the development of medical science and public health of Siberia, the far North and far East was awarded the honorary diploma of the Presidium of the Siberian branch of the Russian the Academy of medical sciences (2009) she is the laureate of the Tomsk areal in the sphere of education, science, health and culture (2012). Participated grants federal target program "Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Russian Federation for the period until the year 2020 and beyond" and the State contract with the Federal Agency on Science and innovations, RF (2009, 2012) as a member Academic Council and the Secretary of an approbation Council NIIFiRM them. E.D. Goldberg Tomsk NRMC, an expert on the formation and applications of funding within the framework of the federal target program "Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Russian Federation for the period until the year 2020 and further perspective ".

Main Publications

  1. Udintsev S.N., T.G. Razina, K.V. Yaremenko About of the Antitumor effect of Skutellaria Baikalensis // Problems of Oncology. 1990. Vol. 36. №. 5. Р. 602-607.

  2. Razina T.G., Zueva E.P., Litvinenko V.I. Kovalev I.P. Polusinteticeski flavonoid of Skutellaria Baikalensis as a means of improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy of experimental tumors // Experim. and Klinich. pharmacology. 1998. T. 61. №. 2. P. 54-56.

  3. Razina T.G., Zueva E.P., Amosova E.N., Zhdanov V.V. Gliciram as a mean of improving chemotherapy and surgical method of experimental tumors treatment // Problems of Oncology. 1999. Т. 44. №. 5. Р. 554-556.

  4. Razina T.G., Zueva E.P., Amosova E.N., Krylova S.G. Preparations from medicinal plants as a means of additional therapy in experimental Oncology // Experim. and klinich. pharmacology. 2000. Vol. 63. №. 5. P. 59-61.

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  6. Razina T.G., Shilova N.V., Zueva E.P., Samura B.A. Extracts an alnus glutinosa and its bioactive substances in cancer experiment // Russian Bioterapevtic. J. 2004. Vol. 3. №. 2. Р. 29.

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  8. Guidance on pre-clinical study means possessing the ability to inhibit the process of metastasis, and increasing effectiveness of malignant tumors cytostatic therapy / The drafters of the E.P. Zueva, A.M. Kozlov, G.K. Gerasimova, E.N. Amosova, T.G. Razina, V.E. Goldberg // Pilot Guide (pre-clinical) study of new pharmacological substances. - Ed. R.W. Habrieva. M., 2005. Р. 674-682.

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  11. Razina T.G., Zueva E.P., Amosova E.N. et al. Effect of fucoidan from Laminaria japonica algae on the development of Ehrlich adenocarcinoma lung Lewis and efficacy of cyclophosphamide in mice // Pacific medical j. 2010. № 2. P. 36-39.

  12. Razina T.G., Krylova S.G., Amosova E.N. et al. Effect Rh2 ginzenozida on continuous development of animal tumors and chemotherapy effectiveness // Experim. and klinich. pharmacology. 2010. T. 73. №. 4. Р. 27-30.

  13. Razina T.G., Rybalkina O.Yu., Lopatina K.A. et al. Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of different alginates forms in cancer experiment conditions // Bulle. Experim. Biology and medicine. 2011.152. №. 8. Р. 191-196.

  14. T.G. Razina, E.P. Zueva, A.V. Ulrich et al. Antitumor effects of the original high concentrated by anthocyanin’s extract of sorbus aucuparia and mechanisms of their development // Bulle. Exsperim. Biology and medicine. 2016. T. 162. №. 7. P. 107-112.